Character Introduction

These character are not only a huge part of our brand identity but these characters represent either a person in the creators (CEO Jared Howell's) life or is a direct reflection of himself. This is what makes Left Coast Cartel so unique, organic, and unlike any other brand. Our products have a message that lies within each design that stems exclusively from the creators life. All of these messages are about innovation, inspiration, or hustle. With the intent to create something people can gravitate towards and connect with along with bringing some inspiration or positivity into their lives.

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The playmaker, always puts the comradery in a position to win. Never to fail. (This character is based on a real person who has been the realest and most consistent person  in the creators life.



Tone the trackstar always finishes is first place no matter the distance or the obstacles ahead of him and he always finishes in first place. 


Dr. Dinero

A mad scientist who's devoted his life's work to generating the most amount of money, so obsessed that an X-Ray of his own brain shows that he has a "cash tumor" growing in his own brain.


Rubberband Man

This ones for all my trap stars. Rubberband man is made up of all them rubberbands collected over time because he couldn’t fit his stacks in a wallet. As the circumference of rubberbands grows so does his cash flow. He has no mouth because money talks.